Guide to Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is a type of bed that is made from memory. Besides polyurethane, it is also created from other types of compounds. The chemicals which can be added to the bed foams presents the ability to increase in occurrence to it. Memory foam mattress is also called viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The mattress was created in order to meet with the mattress shoppers' demand. The Foam Mattress' annals could be traced back again to NASA's Ames Research Center. The Ames Research Center of NASA funded a project to style a mattress foam which will help to relieve pain of the astronauts due to g-forces back in the 1970s. NASA considered the foam material must be used to comply with the form of the body. Although creating a form for the body will help fix the issue, the individual would ultimately move out of the career. Because of this, wrong stress points will soon be formed about the body. Later, the research group from the Ames Research Center of NASA located a method to create a foam that will adapt the your body's design. It's a elastc foam that may equally spread the body's weight towards the foam floor.serta memory foam mattress In 1991, Tempurpedic, an organization located in Sweden sold the research mattresss foam to the people in Sweden. After that, Tempur Pedic sold the memory mattress foam towards the people that live-in United States and Canada. The mattress of Tempurpedic became highly popular. The achievement of Tempur Pedic had caused the companies to create their particular versions of memory foam mattresses and promote them to the local buyers. Synthetic polyurethane foam product is employed since the foam memory. The bed manufacurers can incorporate various kinds substances to change the density of the foam. After the substance is added, the foam will have greater density. Besides, a viscoelastic foam material will be added by producer. The viscoelastic foam is non toxic. Howmuch chemicals are utilized within the production process of the foam detemins the foam weight. Most foam mattress features a weight of 4 - 5lb. Lighter memoryfoam bed weight between 2 - 3 lb.
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